Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Life as a jobless.

Every morning, you wake up with a sound of your cat meowing at you, asking for a food.
Once you wake up, you will think about what should I cook today, or check your messages from Mama if  there's any house chores to complete before she coming back from work.
Next you will send morning messages to your love one. If you don't have, at least send it to the whatsapp group.

Once you have completed your morning ritual, you will go back to your bed, scrolling through fb or twitter, like a post on ig or perhaps listen to your favourite Kpop song on youtube. Or if you have something to cook, you will go to the kitchen, prepare the ingredients, start cooking. Completed cooking. Now what? Lunch hour. Lunch break.

Job seeking? Only once in a week. Then you wait until your mother coming back from work. Listening to her talking about her daily job, or do nothing. Scroll ig, whatsapp group and whatever.

Dinner time. If your friends want some nasi ayam madu, you will follow them. Or if you're not going out, you will ask your mother what to eat, while watching your favourite K variety show.

Nowwww it's night!! Sleeping? nahh. watch another kdrama or variety show or anime and play with your cat.

All the best, jobless-er

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