Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Thank you


If you ask me what's the best thing about this year, I'd probably say it's my convocation day. 
After four years, no five years struggling in computer science stream, convocation day mark the end of my happy-study-bosan journey.

It's a tough journey, but I enjoyed most of it. I enjoy the hardship when finishing my final year project, going out with the classmates, gaduh lah apa lah. But the best thing about it is the memory.
I may not have much friend/gang when I was at UTM but, ah nevermind. Who cares about it anyway. People come and go everyday.

So, to my classmates, do you still remember our first year in UTM? First semester, being scolded by Miss Ajune. Hehe. Go kayak-ing with the senior. BBQ at the end of semester. 

Then during our second year. It's a tough year for me anyway. I failed to maintain my CPA for both semester 3 and 4 which made my CGPA lower than first class degree. That's not the point anyway. 
During this semester, I started to like someone. I know I have a boyfriend, but liking someone is not wrong. I didn't flirt with him though. 

So it's third year already. I've been appointed as Vice President of CGMA. Which I somehow expecting of it LOL. Gila kuasa. Yes. Then we finished our PSM1. Alhamdulillah I got A for that subject. It's getting tougher year by year. Everyone's like mayat hidup this semester. I still remember we were called by the practical training committee regarding our practical placement. Haha. 

Last year, our forth year. 1st semester we went to practical training. I'm not saying I'm happy nor sad, but actually I learnt less than I should throughout my practical training.  Hmmm. So, we came back for our last very last semester. This is the toughest semester of all. Less class in a week, but time seems travel so fast. Like I didn't realized it was already fourteenth week of the semester. So I presented the PSM 2 and alhamdulillah I managed to get A+ for this subject. 

So that's all my story. A very short story indeed. I summarized my four year of study in a less than 500 words i think haha. 

So now, right after semester end, I went to an interview and managed to secure a job at one of MNC at Bukit Damansara. Which company? Later lah when I've been confirmed. Currently I'm still under probation period. I hope I can get confirmed by December 2015 (so I can get bonus next year!)

Hehe. Somehow I still miss my study journey. I intended to further study but I don't have financial support. Haha. 

Thank you to all who with me through thick and thin during my five years journey at UTM. 
To name all of them, I'm afraid I might left somebody, so better not. 

Thank you so much. So much for coming into my life.


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