Monday, 20 October 2014

Current State of Mind

Location: Desk number 3, MagicX Incubator. 
Date: Today
Time: 2.51
Mood: I don't know. 

My body is here but my mind is at Senai Airport, waiting to depart from JHB to KUL and then depart to Tokyo. In two weeks time, I'll be going to Tokyo, Japan for another backpacking trip. Actually, this trip is an unplanned trip.Surf airasia website, found cheap tickets, ask other friends to join me, ask manager, apply leave and buy the ticket. Once you bought the flight ticket, the trip is 100% confirm. 

So, as we have less than two weeks for that trip, we have to start preparing money and whats not.

I think I need to do a to-do-list here. 

Before going for a trip, I think it's best to do some research about the place. For me, the most important thing about going for a trip is food. Is there any halal food available there? Or if not, what is the alternative? Based on my experience during my previous trip to Japan, it is extremely hard to find halal food. But we are lucky that our accommodation provide us with halal breakfast. What do we do? Buy a tupperware, and then 'tapau' all the breakfast so that we can have it during the lunch.
  1. Passport
  2. Backpack
  3. Weather forecast
  4. Maps
  5. Train maps
  6. Exchange money
  7. Hostel confirmation.
  8. Boarding pass (JHB KUL HND - HND KUL JHB).
  9. Print everything (maps, train maps, schedule, images).
  10. Clothes
  11. Food
  12. Electronic stuff - camera, adapter, usb cable, instax film, pendrive (transfer images), monopod (selfie!) etc. 
  13. ...?
Haha. That's a lot and I actually haven't prepare anything yet hihi. Em TTYL. Got work to do byebye

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